SINCE 1971

Established in 1971, Yamal Alsham provides a sensational setting for the enjoyment of true Lebanese cuisine. Offering a sophisticated take on beloved traditional recipes, Yamal Alsham continues to surprise and delight both existing patrons and new guests as it firmly remains the ultimate destination for a spectacular experience in Lebanese dining and hospitality.

who we are

Founded in the early ’70s, Yamal Alsham has retained its edge in creativity and uninterrupted superior delivery. A family-run establishment, the founder has brought years of dedication and experience into the development and implementation of his distinctly progressive vision. The roots of Yamal Alsham began with the founder’s dream of creating a timeless concept. As well as Lebanon, his personal and professional experiences have included other countries in the Middle East such as Kuwait and Syria, bringing a wealth of knowledge and expertise into an ever-evolving and continuously developing ideology.

Set beautifully in Chelsea Harbour, Yamal Alsham combines traditional methods with visionary innovation to create an unparalleled experience in Lebanese dining.

why visit us

The team at Yamal Alsham is dedicated to creating the perfect experience. From the kitchen to the front of house, the objective is to ensure every guest’s expectation is met and exceeded. The original vision and philosophy of Yamal Alsham continues to be upheld and implemented at all times. The undisputed experience within the industry has proven invaluable in enabling an unprecedented flow of attention to detail. This together with an innate and impressive understanding of Lebanese hospitality and culture, provides the backdrop for an efficient and truly effective sense of leadership and progressive strategy.

Our shisha lounge has an idyllic and traditional Arabic charm, with an elegant atmosphere to go with it. Relax and lounge in comfort and try one of the many different shisha flavours we offer.