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Cold Mezzé

Hoummos (v)
Pureé of chickpeas, tahini & lemon
Hoummos beiruty (v)
Chick peas puree with sesame paste (tahina), hot pepper, parsley garlic, & lemon juice

Moutabal (v)
Purée of grilled aubergine, tahini & lemon
Tabboulé (v)
Minced parsley, mint, onions & tomatoes mixed with cracked wheat, lemon & olive oil
Stuffed vine leaves (v)
Vine leaves filled with parsley, mint, tomatoes, onions & rice

Muhammara (v)
Mixed spicy nuts and olive oil
Bemieh bil zeit (v)
Okra cooked in garlic, onions & tomato sauce

Loubieh (v)
Green beans, garlic, onions, cooked in tomato sauce
Makdouse (v)
Baby aubergines filled with walnuts & spices, tossed with cherry tomatoes & spring onions
Mousakaa (v)
Cooked aubergines, onions, chickpeas, garlic with tomato sauce

Al Rahib (v)
Grilled aubergine with tomato, onion, parsley and mint


Labné (v)
Strained yoghurt



Fattoush (v)
Salad of mixed greens, cherry tomatoes and radishes tossed with apple vinegar, spiced crispy Lebanese bread

Salatet banadoura (v)
Chopped tomato and oinon with olive oil & lemon juice dressing

Salatet Almawsam (v)
Seasonal salad


Salatet Halloum (v)
Halloumi cheese with cucumber, tomato, fresh mint, lettuce with olive oil

Fish specialities

Calamar mekli
Deep-fried squid with a sesame & lemon dip

Spicy fish*
Sea bass with spicy tomato sauce

Tiger Prawns
Deep fried tiger prawns with spicy sauce


Hot Mezzé

Hoummos awarma*
Hoummos topped with marinated Lamb & pine nuts
Foul moudamas (v)
Boiled broad beans seasoned with garlic, Lemon juice, olive oil

Chicken wings
Chicken wings marinated in lemon juice, garlic &coriander

Kibbé mekliyeh*
Deep-fried lamb & cracked wheat parcels, Filled with onions & pine nuts

Pan fried homemade lebanese spicy lamb sausages with cherry tomatoes

Pan fried homemade lebanese lamb & cumin sausages

Spicy potato (v)
Diced potatoes fried with garlic, coriander and chillies

Halloum meshoué v
Grilled halloumi cheese
Falafel (v)
Deep-fried bean & herb croquettes, lemon & tahini dip
Moujaddara (v)
Cooked lentil with rice topped with caramelized onion

Chicken liver
Marinated chicken livers flambeed in lemon

From our bread oven

Kalaj (v)
Halloumi cheese in grilled pita bread
Cheese sambousek (v)
Deep fried pastry parcels filled with mixed cheese & herbs
Lamb sambousek
Deep fried pastry filled with minced lamb & onions
Small Lebanese pizza topped with seasoned minced lamb, pine nut & tahini

Mana’eesh zaatar* (v)
Small Lebanese pizza topped with thyme, sumac & sesame seeds

Mana’eesh jibneh* (v)
Small Lebanese pizza topped with halloumi cheese and sesame seeds
Fatayer* (v)
Baked pastry triangles filled with baby spinach, spring onions & sumac

Small Lebanese pizza topped with Minced lamb, onions, pine nuts and tomatoes



From the grill

Taouk skewers
Marinated chicken breast cubes with potatoes & garlic dip

Kafta skewers
Minced lamb, onion and parsley served with a chickpea dip
Lahim meshoué skewers
Marinated lamb cubes

Boneless chicken
Grilled, served with potatoes & garlic sauce

Lamb cutlet
Charcoal grilled lamb cutlets
Mixed meat grill
Selection of kafta, taouk, lahim meshoue and lamb cutlets

Chawarma chicken or lamb
Slices of marinated chicken or lamb roasted

Kafta Khoshkhash
Minced lamb with parsley served on a bed of spicy tomato sauce

Kafta Orfalea(spicy0
Minced lamb with parsley ,onion and grilled tomato
Yamal Alsham assorted grill
Selection of kafta, Taouk, lahim meshoue & lamb cutlet.

Cooking dishes

Okra ,garlic, lamb cubes or veg, onions cooked in tomato sauce, served with rice (v optional)

Green beans
Green beans, garlic, lamb cubes, onions, cooked in tomato sauce, served with vermicelli rice (v optional)

Cooked aubegines, lamb cubes or veg, onions, chickpeas, garlic with tomato sauce served with rice

Kibbe labanieh
Meat balls cooked in yogurt, served with white rice and coriander garlic sauce
Kabsi chicken
Roasted chicken marinated, served with lamb rice

Aubergine Kebab
Baked aubergine stuffed with kafta cooked in pomegranate sauce served with rice

Kibbé (lamb & cracked wheat parcels, filled with minced lamb & onions) cooked with yoghurt, meat shanks, green broad beans & tarragon
Kibeh bilsaynieh
Baked minced lamb and cracked wheat parcels layers filled with seasoned minced lamb and pine kernels, served with yoghurt dip
Dawoud basha
Minced lamb balls, with onions, tomato sauce, served with vermicelli rice.

5 spices lamb shank
Roasted lamb balls, with onions, tomato sauce, served with virmicelli rice
Meat stuffed vine leaves
Vine leaves filled with minced lamb & rice cooked with lamb shanks



Sayadieh Samak
Roasted sea bass with rice topped with caramelized onion served with tajine sauce

Sea Bass fillet
Roasted with onion tajine sauce*

Seafood platter
Seabass, salmon and prawns the chef's special

King prawns
Grilled or provincial prawns served with potatoes or rice

Salmon fillet
Roasted salmon with spice tomato sauce served with vegetables rice



Chicken Soup
Lentil soup (v)


Vegetable yellow rice (v)
Vermicelli rice (v)
Rice with lamb
French fries (v)
Crudités, pickles (v)
White rice (v)
Laban w khiar (v)
Mixed vegetables (v)

SET MENUS(Minimum 2 people/price per person)

Mezze 6
6 platters of mezzes / 6
Hommos, tabouli, falafels, makanek, fatayer, warak enab
/ Mixed grilled with rice /
Selection of kafta & taouk
/ Fruit platter & baklawa / Coffee or tea
Mezze 8
8 platters of mezzes /
hommos, moutabal, tabouli, falafels, makanek, kibbe mekliyeh, warak enab, fatayer / Mixed grilled with rice / Selection of kafta, taouk & Lahem meshoue / Fruit platter & baklawa/ Coffee or tea
Vegetarian (v)
8 platters of Mezzés Hoummos, moutabal, tabouli, falafels, warak enab, kibbe la kteen, moujaddara, bemieh bil zeit / Aubergines fatte in yoghurt or bemieh (okra) with rice. / Fruit platter & baklava / Coffee or tea
Mezze 12 (The biggest one)
12 platters of mezzes hommos, moutabal, tabouli, falafels,warak enab, kibbe mekliyeh, makanek, moujaddara, fatayers, salatet al zeitoun, samke harra, arayes ) / Mixed grill with rice or choose your own main course / Fruit platter & baklava / Coffee or tea
Please note that some menu items may contain nuts. (V) Denotes dishes suitable for vegetarians